My experience as an educator extends beyond the classroom. Below are examples of some educational projects I've worked on during my time at Notre Dame.


god and the good life, a first philosophy course at notre dame

As co-course designer and Head TA, I was responsible for helping the Notre Dame Philosophy Department design, create, and launch God and the Good Life. In this role, I oversaw a staff of 5 TAs, created materials for and co-led a training in Sustained Dialogue, designed and created a system for assessing student work and managed its implementation, and provided ongoing course design and social media support. (For more information on the structure and design of the course, click here.)

Production fellowship, office of digital learning (ODL)

I served as a Production Fellow with Notre Dame's Office of Digital Learning at the same time I was helping design and create God and the Good Life. My jobs included co-designing the course website, which functions as an interactive syllabus, designing and creating 5 interactive digital texts (like this one), co-writing scripts for -- and assisting in the production and editing of -- two video series, and co-authoring an introductory text to critical reasoning and argumentation. Throughout the design and creation of the course

2017-18 graduate associate, the kaneb center for teaching and learning


The Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning "provides research-based services, programs, and resources that support teaching and reflective practice at Notre Dame...[including] workshops and collaborative consultations that explore a variety of pedagogical approaches with an emphasis on the creation and implementation of engaged, student-centered learning experiences." As a Graduate Associate, I led workshops for instructors and TAs, helped plan and lead the annual University-wide TA training, and wrote short blog posts (e.g. here, here, and here).

teaching assistantships, notre dame & UW-Milwaukee

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 12.35.25 PM.png

In addition to these projects, I've served as a Teaching Assistant to professors at both Notre Dame, and at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. In Milwaukee, I served as the TA for the Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion course for 4 semesters, and at Notre Dame I've been a TA for two different Introduction to Philosophy courses, in addition to my work on God and the Good Life.


For more detailed information regarding my involvement in these projects, you can see my CV by clicking here.