Jackie Walorski Does Not Believe in Democracy



Let's get something clear. There are two kinds of politicians in this country today. There are those who pretend to believe in democracy, and there are those who actually do.

Jackie Walorski is one of the former. 

She refuses to commit to a debate with her opponent, Lynn Coleman. Politically speaking, this is actually a pretty strategic move for me. She's raised far more money than Coleman and so can rely on constant attack ads to paint a false picture of her and her opponent. So can afford to manipulate the voters just like Hillary Clinton, so this is what she chooses to do. 

Instead of debating her opponent -- instead of talking about the issues -- instead of trusting the people of the state of Indiana to decide for themselves whether her policy and record speak for themselves -- she's hiding behind the money of her donors.

Honestly, I don't know who I would vote for based on the issues. I'm not a democrat (or a republican), and I lean right on a lot of the same issues Jackie does (well...some of them...)...but I will not vote for an anti-democracy candidate, which is what Jackie is showing herself to be.

Shame on her -- on Hillary -- and on all those politicians who don't think that we the people are smart enough to make an informed decision on the issues. 

This is an embarrassment.