Intellectual Diversity and the Truth

Last I checked, the prevailing orthodoxy in progressive / intellectual circles was that intellectual diversity was necessary in order to arrive at truths (especially morally significant truths). Nowadays it seems like this has been replaced by a privileged particularism: each individual has almost exclusive epistemic authority in determining all dimensions or her own moral experience, though there's also a sense in which we all ought to intuit a background of self-evident moral truths (e.g. anything that doesn't restrict the freedom of others is morally permissible, essential to well-being if part of one's identity, etc) .

Both pictures emphasize the importance of individual experience, and could ground efforts to create and protect spaces where that experience can be expressed and taken seriously, but the latter lacks the sense that these spaces should be mutually educational, that we all have something to learn by inhabiting them.

There seems to be a sense in which this picture (taken to an extreme, of course), loses sight of one of the characteristic values of diversity, I.e. It's potential to allow us to educate, learn from, and grow with each other...