SBCSC Needs to Hear Who YOU Want to See Lead SB Schools

SBCSC is in the midst of hiring a new superintendent. There are many who are afraid that insufficient public input has been gathered. Regardless of whether you agree, virtually all parties agree that more public engagement in this process would be valuable.

So what can we do? 

Well, one simple thing you can do is write a letter to the members of the Board of School Trustees. You can get their contact information by following that link, and I'll also reproduce it below. If you're not sure what to say, here's what I wrote. It doesn't have to be long and involved, but if you don't write, your voice won't be heard. Please consider taking action at this critical time!


My name is Paul Blaschko, I'm a resident of South Bend and a PhD student in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. My wife -- who is a 2nd grade teacher at Muessel Primary Center -- and I live at 322 E Colfax Ave (Stephenson Mills).

I write to thank you for your work and the work of the whole school board, and to express some hopes and concerns of mine with regard to the current search for a new superintendent for SBCSC.

I hope that the next superintendent finds time to visit schools in South Bend, and can make policy consistent with the lived-experience of staff, families, and students in those schools.

I hope that the next superintendent realizes that South Bend has a problem with voluntary segregation, that children and families do not currently have equal access to educational resources because of this, and that this is something that needs to be addressed in the next 5 years.

I hope that the next superintendent realizes the bizarre and inconsistent constraints that Indiana legislators (and sometimes federal legislators) have put on teachers in the SBCSC, and works to address this problem in a timely and serious way.

I'm concerned that the School Corporation doesn't gather enough input from teachers, families, and residents.

I'm concerned that the School Corporation doesn't compensate its teachers in proportion to the work they do and the resources they provide their students out-of-pocket.

I'm concerned that children in South Bend sometimes do not receive the education they are entitled to, because resources are not distributed to schools in proportion to their needs (though I realize that resources, in general, are just scarce).

Thank you so much for your work, and I really look forward to seeing how the school board intends to address the concerns the public has been raising during this crucial time!


Paul Blaschko

2016 School Board Members

At-Large (interim): John Anella, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, 4101 Edison Lakes Parkway, Suite 300, Mishawaka, IN46545-3441; 574-236-4736;; Term Expires: 12/31/16

At-Large: Maritza Robles, vice president, 17638 Woodthrush Ln. South Bend, IN 46635; 574-387-1110;; Term Expires: 12/31/16

District 1: Jay Caponigro, president, 405 Main Building Notre Dame, IN 46556; 574-274-7269;; Term Expires: 12/31/18

District 2: Stanley F. Wruble, III, secretary Wruble & Assoc.; 315 N. Main St. South Bend, IN  46601; 574-282-2200;; Term Expires: 12/31/18

District 3: William Sniadecki, 58976 Crumstown Hwy. South Bend, IN 46619; 574-250-7776;; Term Expires: 12/31/16

District 4: Dawn Jones, 602 Cushing South Bend, IN 46616; 574-367-0654;; Term Expires: 12/31/16

District 5: Michelle Engel, P.O. Box 6954 South Bend, IN 46660; 574-243-1579;; Term Expires: 12/31/18