Updates, updates, updates

Created with "Canva," using stock photos, in-program typeface, etc. 

Created with "Canva," using stock photos, in-program typeface, etc. 

Five of them. 

(1) Fifteen days, fifteen days, fifteen days, fifteen days, fifteen days, fifteen days (!!!!!!) 


(2) The mayor and such

Regina Williams-Preston and I have an op-Ed coming out this week in the South Bend Tribune were will give you an update regarding our engagement with the mayor, and his refusal to engage (seriously and in good faith) with stakeholders in our community. I'll cross-post that here when it comes out.

Not unrelatedly: we do not (we should not) vote for someone, or allow someone in power to continue to govern however they like, because he or she is a good person. We should not trust someone to govern because he or she has a good heart, or means well, or is very smart. That's not how governance works. You earn votes by proving to voters that you will represent them and their interests, and that you will do so transparently and with clear mechanisms of accountability. 

(3) Profiling School Board Candidates

I will be writing up profiles of all the candidates this week. I will be making recommendations, maybe even endorsements -- but all that info is coming soon. In the meantime, GET THIS EVENT ON YOUR CALENDAR PLEASE.  


(4) I'm going to the public hearing on South Bend's budget tonight at Pinhook 

And you should join me! I was gonna post a link to the city's announcement of this, but -- alas -- you can't find it on their website. You can find a document officially "posting" it deeply buried behind 4 or 5 links -- but that site is unlinkable (which is weird).... 

Anyways, the budgets are posted on the City's website, and you should look at them if you're in need of a good laugh. 

(5) This finally happened... 


So all is not lost, I suppose...