Share Your Thoughts


For quite a while, now, I've been thinking about how incredible, smart, and thoughtful my friends are -- and how many of the things they say to me really deserve a wider audience. So -- after talking to a couple of these friends -- I've decided to open my blog up to contributions by guest authors. As of right now, I'll just be publishing one-off pieces here and there that are submitted to me, but I'm also open to establishing on-going relationships with guest contributors (so let me know if that's something you're interested in). 


For now, please let me know if you're interested in posting something on the blog. It should be fairly brief (750 - 1,000 words, or in that range), and should fit the style of the blog. Posts that apply abstract, theoretical, or otherwise big-picture intellectual considerations to everyday subject matter like politics (local, state, or national), general culture are one way to "fit the style" of the blog, but there are others. Polemical content is preferred, but I will also accept generic thoughtful, well-measured argumentation.


Email me with questions, or proposed topics or posts. I'm happy to proofread / provide feedback.